We can all learn a useful lesson about handling crises from a car navigator. Image by Lynda Sanchez, Pixabay
Long before email people blamed the speed of the telegraph for making conflicts worse. Slowing down message cycles is one way to reduce conflicts in your messaging. This is just one of the secrets from a talk first delivered at Karolinska Institutet in November 2019.
How do you make an awesome last-minute presentation? Start by throwing everything away. That’s one of the learnings from a talk I did for the first time in March 2019 for Coompanion Stockholm at Impact Hub Stockholm.

Swimmers painted on the walls of a cave at Wadi Sura on the Egypt/Libya border. The paintings are believed to be 10000 years old.

In person or online, nearly all meetings are way too long, but there are easy ways to make them much shorter.

Where do speakers and writers get all their original stories from? This is the question that inspired a June 2019 talk at Impact Hub Stockholm and this post. The secret is that you have to build a pipeline to gather, combine and develop ideas.

Andrew Hennigan

Lecturer, Speaker Coach, Writer. TEDxStockholm Board Member, Speaker Team Lead & Speaker Coach. Writer for hire, author of book “Payforward Networking”.

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